Sega Enterprises, Ltd. confirmed that the following management changes were approved and adopted by the company’s Board of Directors today:

Mr. Shoichiro Irimajiri, currently Representative Director and Executive Vice President, will be appointed Representative Director, President, effective February 10.

Mr. Hayao Nakayama, currently Representative Director and President, will be appointed Representative Director and Vice-Chairman after the amendment of articles of incorporation is approved at the general meeting of the shareholders in June of this year to create the new “Vice-Chairman” position.

While Sega is operating a wide range of amusement and consumer businesses, the management changes will be made to allow the company to establish a structure that will effectively build a successful consumer business and to promptly respond to the requirement for the company’s next business phase.

At the same time, the changes will further strengthen the company’s amusement business which is currently its profit base and enable synergies