Well folks it that time again. Taunt has chosen victims and has prepared to make a short rant and here it is. First I would like start by saying that SEGA has managed to take a wonderful machine (the Saturn) and through wise management make it that much better, But folks before you get me wrong I did not come here today to praise Caesar but to bury him. The reason I say this is simple at first I was talking about SOJ and now let us talk about SOA.

There are promises one makes. Some of them the maker never intends to keep. These are the sweet whispers that draws one in, intrigues and lulls them, reassures the consumer they made the right choice. SOA made promises such as these they made them because they were expected to they made them because SOJ did.

Do you remember the manual you got with your Saturn ? In that manual they listed all sorts of things as coming or coming soon . Of those items here is the situation. As best as I know in Japan they have the MPEG card, the CDphoto player and the Netlink disk drive. In America we have none of these.

Not listed in the manual but available in japan they have a RAM cart(actual memory not backup saves), the link cable (for connecting two Saturns together)and believe it or not they have a printer in Japan that works with the Saturn. Again you guessed it right, in America we have none of these. SOA has simply ignored these major things .Neglect and careless mismanagement has restricted the sales of these items. I have heard SOA has said they don’t feel the demand for these items merits bringing them over, but I say if SEGA got behind these items they would sell and sell well . After all we are talking about a company who could possibly sell ice in bags to people stranded in Anartica In the manual they also mention a hard disk drive. I do not know the fate of this item if any one does E-mail me and tell me.