Astal 2 Petition

There was a relatively unknown game called Astal that was released when the Saturn first came out in 95. Since it's release it has developed at least a few faithful followers, but to the gaming public at large, it seems to have remained unheard of. I'm hoping that these thoughts are wrong.

Astal was the most brilliant 2D platform game I have probably ever played. While it didn't have the play mechanics of Sonic, it seemed to be able to capture something very special that reminded me of how much fun video games used to be (not that they aren't fun now, but you probably know what I'm talking about). The thing that really makes me mad is that this wonderful game will probably never have a sequel, while stinkers like Rise of the Robots do. If we can generate a large enough petition, I think that Sega might listen to us, and release this game.

If you're interested, then mail me at with the subject "Astal Petition" (please type the subject exactly, because I'm using a mail filter to grab all the incoming mail). I'll see how much of a response this gets, and then I'll mail the results to Sega, and then we can all cross our fingers.


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