Nights- Review

Review by DaveZ

Nights is Sega's ammunition for the Saturn against the Sony's Crash Bandicoot and Nintendo's Miyamoto masterpiece Super Mario 64. So how does it fare? Well, in my opinion, these comparisons should not be made, simply because the three games mentioned above are not in the same genre, and give gamers an entirely different gaming experience. But since Sega, Sony, and Nintendo have all chose to put these titles against each other, I'll give you my asessment. Of the three titles Mario is the best with Nights second and Crash a distant third.

While not an equal to Mario 64, Nights is still an excellent game in nearly all respects. You will not find a game that will give you more one players enjoyment. The artwork is beautiful, and the colors are abundant and amazing. In Nights you take control of either Claris or Elliot, and you take them through an adventure that will change there lives forever. Once in Nightopia as either Claris or Elliot you must search and rescue Nights. Once Nights is found the two of you will merge and you'll fly off to save Nightopia. The object of the game is basic, find Nights, then collect blue spheres to unlock the idea box. Then in the remaining time do as many tricks, collect as many spheres, and score as many points as possible in the remaining time before you return to the platform. While very basic, it is extremely fun.

The graphics in Nights will blow you away. There is pop up, and the polygons are not as clean or as crisp as found in Mario 64, but the abundant color, beautiful artwork, and amazing backgrounds create a graphic environment that is equal to that of Mario.

The music is simply breathtaking, you will not find many other game soundtracks that fit a game as well as add to the gaming experience as the music to Nights does. In addition to the music being simply fantastic, it changes according to the way you play the game, another great feature.

While the graphics and music are both impressive, the greatest quality of Nights is the amazing control and gameplay. With Sega's perfectly fitting analog controller in hand, there is not many games that control as good as this. Nights pulls off his huge aray of moves and tricks with ease. I truly recommend playing this with the analog pad.

The only negative to be found in Nights is the length. Nights is short. There are only 8 levels (2 are the same) to be played and the levels are pretty short. The game can be beaten with C's in a couple of hours. But, it will take a lot more work to get all A's. Still, the game is extremely short.

Overall, Nights is the best game available for the Sega Saturn. To some it may not be a must buy because of its length, but it is a game that you'll go back to even after you beat it. Nights is not a Mario killer, but it may just be a Saturn saver.

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