Secret Mode & Level Select from Matt Penrose
First, enter the options screen. On the second controller, press LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, L BUTTON, R BUTTON, START. “Secret Mode” should appear at the top of the screen. Exit back to the title screen, and press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, L BUTTON, R BUTTON, A, Y, C, Z, B, X. You should now be able to select your level.Invincibility from Mach
Press start button to pause the game. Next press Up, Y, Left, A , Down, B, Right, C. If done correctly you’ll hear a bird whistle.

Kill Yourself
To kill yourself pause the game and press Left Button, A, Right Button, C, B. Then you should die.

Refill Life
Press pause during play and press down, R button, up L button, x, a, y, b, z, c, right, left. Unpause for full life