January 16, 2009 is Back!
I’ve gotten enough emails over the course of the past few years to realize that it was a mistake shutting down the site, so thanks to a little insomnia it’s back up again! I don’t have any plans for updates, except for potential clean-up work if I’m ever ridiculously bored, but it’s here for historical reference and nostalgia for fans of the Sega-Saturn.

November 19, 2005
A Few More Saturn Games Going Bye Bye
I’ve gone through my collection and have found another 8 games for the Sega Saturn that I am willing to part with that you may be interested in picking up. The games included in this lot are: Worldwide Soccer ’98, Worldwide Soccer, World Series Baseball II, Street Fighter Alpha, World Series Baseball ’98, X-Men: Children of the Atom, Die Hard Arcade and NBA Action ’98. All eight are excellent games for the system and would make perfect additions to your classic Sega Saturn videogame library.You can also check out all of my other eBay auctions to get a chance to win auctions for PlayStation games, a 32X system, and plenty of other videogames, systems and random merchandise. Good luck and bid away!

November 7, 2005
Sega Saturn Games For Sale
If you’ve been looking to get a hold of some games for your Sega Saturn, you might want to check out my eBay acution for a lot of 18 games for the Saturn — keep in mind that the auction ends November 9th @ 5:58PM PST. The games included in the auction are as follows: Cyber Speedway, Decathlete, Gex, The Lost World, Madden NFL 97, TNN Hardcore 4×4, Winter Heat, WipEout, Baku Baku, Ten Pin Alley, Sega Touring Car Championship, Sky Target, Solar Eclipse, Off-World Interceptor Extreme, Steep Slope Sliders, Madden NFL 98,Mech Warrior 2, and Manx TT SuperBike. All games are in working condition and are complete with original case and manuals. In addition to those 18 games for the Sega Saturn, I also have numerous other games up for auction for other systems such as the Dreamcast and Microsoft Xbox. If you’re interested, just go check out all of my other eBay auctions. Happy bidding!

January 19, 2004
No More Emails
Since I don’t have the time to check email regularly, I’ve decided to shut down all email accounts associated with this domain since it receives a few thousands pieces of junk per every real email that’s sent to it.That means no more new links, reader reviews or anything. I may setup a new message board in the future to deal with people trying to get in touch with me with regard to this site, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it. Just think of this site as an archive and a Sega Saturn resource and nothing more from now on.

By the way, I apologize to any of you that have emailed at any time over the course of the last five to six months and have not received a response. In deleting thousands of junk emails, some good ones are sure to get deleted on accident.

October 9, 2003
My Sega Saturn Top 5
I was feeling a little bored and figured I should go ahead and update the website since I hadn’t done it since early February. And since there’s not really anything new to report and I’m not ready to write any new reviews, I figured I could put together a little update with my all-time top five US and Japanese released titles for the Saturn.My Favorite 5 US Releases

1. Panzer Dragoon Saga
2. Dragon Force
3. Guardian Heroes
4. Virtua Fighter 2
5. Galactic Attack

My Favorite 5 Import-only Releases

1. Radiant Silvergun
2. Soukyugurentai
3. Snatcher
4. Policenaights
5. Shining Force III Scenarios 2 & 3

By no means am I saying that these are the best five games released on the system in either the US or Japan. These are just the ones that I think the most highly of at the moment. If you’re looking to get some games for your system and don’t currently own any of these 10, you ought to consider picking any of them up.


February 10, 2003
Reader Review: Panzer Dragoon Zwei
It turns out that the other three reviews that I had planned on posting were way too short, so there’s just a single new reader review for you guys today and for the foreseeable future.Just keep in mind that if you’re submitting a review that I want it to be much more than just a single paragraph. I understand that there are a lot of small reviews already on the site, but I’m wanting a bit more these days. I do appreciate and thank you for the support, nonetheless.


February 5, 2003
Reader Review: Virtual Hydlide
I actually have about four or five other reviews to post, but don’t have the time to slap them into the templates, so you’ll only get one for today. Hopefully I can get the others up this weekend, but don’t hold your breath waiting for them.
NEWSROOM: Shenmue on Sega Saturn Update
Nothing new except that I’d like to give proper credit to Segadult for being the original digitizer of the video and to Chakan of SegaFans for being the original source of the movie. It’s a cool movie, so if you haven’t seen it already, then go check it out now.

Web Links: Updated Links
New sites for all of you remaining Saturn fans to check out and browse at your leisure. It surely isn’t like the good old days, but it has to be nice to know that others out there still have a passion for this now ancient system.


January 25, 2003
New Updates On The Way!
I should have a bunch of updates for all of you in the coming weeks. I haven’t checked my email for this site in months and it looks like there’s a lot of new stuff in there for me to update with. I’ll try to get to it as soon as possible.
November 21, 2002
NEWSROOM: Shenmue on Sega Saturn
Here’s a rather large mpeg of Shenmue running on our very own Sega Saturn. It doesn’t look nearly as pretty as the versions we got on Dreamcast or Xbox, but it’s not too bad for our dear system. A special thanks goes out to Charles Clout for reminding me of this and to my old pal, Colin Williamson, for allowing me to post his movie on my site. 
October 28, 2002
Web Links: Updated Links
It’s one of those updates that will change the world! Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch. The truth is that this update and this site doesn’t really have all that much of global importance. Regardless, you can check out the Web Links page to find some new and corrected links. 
September 18, 2002
NEWSROOM: More Segata Sanshiro Movies
Shortly after I posted the last batch of Segata Sanshiro Movies way back in February, Fabio Maiche hooked me up with a new set of MPEGs of even more of the commercials that featured Sega’s now legendary hero. If you’re already a fan, you will obviously want to check these out. And if you’re not yet a fan, then here’s your chance to become one. Enjoy! 
September 17, 2002
Radiant Silvergun Sequel
I don’t even know if it’s an official sequel or not, but Treasure’s Ikaruga for Dreamcast is more than deserving of being put in the same league as the Sega Saturn’s best shooter, Radiant Silvergun. It’s a damn fine 2D shooter and every bit as deep, original, creative and mind-numbingly addictive as anything that Treasure has ever released. If you’re a fan of Radiant Silvergun, Treasure, or both, you should get this for Dreamcast.Still planning on reviewing Silvergun one of these days. Maybe next April if I get around to it. But hopefully some time sooner. I just don’t know if I can do this game justice.

Web Links: Brand New Links
Just watching some Jag and decided to check my email and found lots of requests to have new links added and old links updated. Some from way back in April. Well, as they like to say, better late than never. They are smart people, you better listen. .

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