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Updating Rosters from Keyz
The Following is a tool to help you update your computer rosters to match the training camp rosters listed in The Sporting News Hockey Guide and Register, available at bookstores. Just follow the four steps below. Before we can go through all the steps in this guide, we have to replace some of the moving goalies from the Blues, Sharks, & Rangers. Go into Create mode and build the following players…


Jamie McLennan; Birthday: 6-30-71; Birthplace: Edmonton, Canada
Glove: Left; Height: 6' 0"; Weight: 190; Number: Any
Agility: 70; Glove: 67; Stick: 66; Rebound: 63; Puck Hdlng.: 65
Sign to Blues
Yevgeny Nabokov; Birthday: 7-25-75; Birthplace: Ust-Kamenogorsk, Russia
Glove: Left; Height: 6' 0"; Weight: 180; Number: Any
Agility: 99; Glove: 98; Stick: 96; Rebound: 92; Puck Hdlng.: 96
Sign to Sharks
Jason Muzzatti; Birthday: 2-3-70; Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
Glove: Left; Height: 6' 2"; Weight: 214; Number: Any
Agility: 68; Glove: 65; Stick: 64; Rebound: 61; Puck Hdlng.: 63
Sign to Rangers

Home of the Old and The Land of the Free (Agents). This is where we will drop the retired players and those who have been sent to free agency.

From Blackhawks, drop Denis Savard, Retired
From Penguins, drop Mario Lemieux, Retired
From Penguins, drop Craig Muni, Free Agent
From Blues, drop Sergio Momesso, Free Agent
From Blues, drop Rob Pearson, Free Agent
From Blues, drop Craig MacTavish, Free Agent
From Blues, drop Trent Yawney, Free Agent
From Blues, drop Jon Casey, Free Agent

I’ll trade you Jose Canseco for…In this section, we will go through the few even trades that can be made.
Rick Tabaracci, Lightning for Yves Racine, Flames Alexander Godynyuk, Hurricanes for Steve Leach, Blues Stephane Matteau, Blues for Darren Turcotte, Sharks

The Movers and Shakers. Now we shall go through all the players who have simply moved from one team to another.

Tomas Sandstrom moves from Red Wings to Mighty Ducks
Ken Baumgartner moves from Mighty Ducks to Bruins
Dave Ellett moves from Devils to Bruins
Joe Mullen moves from Penguins to Bruins
Enrico Ciccone moves from Blackhawks to Hurricanes
Jari Kurri moves from Mighty Ducks to Avalanche
Bob Errey moves from Sharks to Stars
Ed Belfour moves from Sharks to Stars
Shawn Chambers moves from Devils to Stars
Brent Gilchrist moves from Stars to Red Wings
Bill Huard moves from Stars to Oilers
Brantt Myhres moves from Lightning to Oilers
Dave Gagner moves from Flames to Panthers
Garry Galley moves from Sabres to Kings
Andy Moog moves from Stars to Canadiens
Sergei Nemchinov moves from Canucks to Islanders
Mike Hough moves from Panthers to Islanders
Jeff Finley moves from Coyotes to Rangers
Mike Peluso moves from Blues to Rangers
Mike Keane moves from Avalanche to Rangers
Brian Skrudland moves from Panthers to Rangers
Derek Armstrong moves from Islanders to Senators
Jamie Heward moves from Maple Leafs to Flyers
Luke Richardson moves from Oilers to Flyers
Rick Tocchet moves from Capitals to Coyotes
Shawn Burr moves from Lightning to Sharks
Bill Houlder moves from Lightning to Sharks
Rudy Poeschek moves from Lightning to Blues
Derek King moves from Hurricanes to Maple Leafs
Mike Kennedy moves from Stars to Maple Leafs
Per Gustafsson moves from Panthers to Maple Leafs
Glenn Healy moves from Rangers to Maple Leafs
Kris King moves from Coyotes to Maple Leafs
Grant Ledyard moves from Stars to Canucks
Mark Messier moves from Rangers to Canucks

Last Minute Discrepancies. Finally, these are simply the players which are still with their respective teams but are not officially listed on the “Training Camp” rosters. No changes need to be made to your game. This is simply for information purposes only and so you don’t go crazy trying to find them in the book.

Cam Stewart is still with Bruins
Murray Craven is still with Blackhawks
Arturs Irbe is still with Stars
Petr Klima is still with Oilers
Martin Straka is still with Panthers
Niklas Andersson is still with Islanders
Randy Wood is still with Islanders
Mick Vukota is still with Islanders
Esa Tikkanen is still with Rangers
Greg Hawgood is still with Sharks
Tim Hunter is still with Sharks
Nathan Dempsey is still with Maple Leafs

Creating Realistic Players from Keyz
To Create Goalies, you only need the GAA (Goals against average per game). First, multiply the GAA by -33, then add 155.7. We’ll call the resulting value the Goalie Index (GI). Then multiply the GI by the following values to get the following ratings…

Agility = GI x 1.05
Glove Rating = GI x 0.98
Stick Rating = GI x .97
Rebound Control = GI x .99
Puck Handling = GI x .96

If any of the following values come out above 99, round to 99. If any come out below 40, round to 40.

To Create Offensive or Defensive Players, you will need the Games Played, Goals, Assists, Penalties in Minutes, and Plus/Minus values. First, Add Goals and Assists to get total Points, Then take the Goals, Assists, Points and Penalties in Minutes (PIM) and divide them each by the games played (season). We will call these values the GPG (goals per game), APG (assists per game), PPG (points per game) and PIMPG (penalties in minutes per game) values. Next, use the following formulae to get the ratings for your players…

Speed = Plus/Minus x .67 then add 69.5
Shot Power = GPG x 89.4 then add 40
Shot Accuracy = Shot Power Rating x 1.019
Passing = APG x 59 then add 40
Stick Handling = PPG x 34.7 then add 40
Body Checking = PIMPG x 10.7 then add 40
Stamina = Speed Rating x 1.04

As before, round to 99 or 40 if any of these values come out above or below, respectively.

Secret Teams from Keyz
When the game is loading after you choose which type of game you want to play, hold A, Y and C down and you can play with Radical’s Rad Army and the Virgin all star team. If you hold down A, Y, and C when the game is loading after all selections have been made (you will see the loading meter filling up), players will be dressed in their 3rd alternate jerseys from last year (only for Bruins, Penguins, Rangers and a few other teams).

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