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August 31, 1996

Iron Man/XO Delayed

Iron Man/X-O Manowar In Heavy Metal featuring Marvel Comics’ Iron Man and Acclaim Comics’ X-O Manowar has been delayed till the final quarter of this year.

Sega Classics for Saturn

Afterburner 2, Space Harrier, Outrun, and Fantasy Zone are all being re-released for the Saturn in the Sega Ages series. They will appear on separate discs, not all on one.
from Game Fan Online

Reason for No UPDATES Yesterday

Yesterday, for the first time in the history of Dave’s Sega Saturn Page, the page did not experience an update. I apologize for this, but it was out of my control as I was stuck in Troop 3 all day, awaiting my arraignment. Don’t bother emailing me asking, ‘for what?’, cause I won’t tell. But, if everything goes smoothly (let’s all pray), it will not effect the page updates in the future, but if everything blows up in my face, there may be up to two years of no updates.

August 29, 1996

New US Releases

Virtua Fighter Kids and NFL Quarterback Club ’97 have arrived in stores, today, August 29, 1996.

August 28, 1996

New Japanese Releases

Two highly anticipated Saturn games have been released in Japan, Dark Savior and Fighting Vipers.

August 27, 1996

Japan Gaming News

  • Virtual On is currently in low-resolution. The entire battle stage is done using polygons and is very close to the arcade, minus some shading. The dual stick is a near replica of the arcade.
  • Fighting Vipers looks to be a good translation, albeit, in low resolution. The special effects like the breaking of the fence, are present. There are 11 training modes to choose from.

info from Saturn Fan #18 as posted by Bunny on r.g.v.s

August 25, 1996

SSF2X For Saturn

In case you don’t recognize the game from the initials, it is Super Street Fighter 2 X (Turbo in US). Isn’t this an old title? Well, yes, but if you ask a lot of Street Fighting Fans, it is stll the best Street Fighter. And since the 3DO version was not perfect (unlike many magazines claimed), this can be the first perfect version of possibly the best Street Fighter to date. This information comes from Saturn Fan #18.

August 24, 1996

Virtual On News

At the Tokyo Game Show, it was announced that Virtual On was 50% complete, and running at 60fps (although, some reports state 30fps). The game will be packed with the dual arcade mission stick and retail for a $100 (In Japan). The dual arcade mission stick will be an arcade replica and not be two mission sticks hooked up together.

World Series Baseball II Released

World Series Baseball II has arrived in stores. In fact, a reader has already submitted a review, to check it out Click here.

August 23, 1996

Sonic X-Treme Delayed

Game Fan Online, yesterday, reported that Sonic X-Treme, the first Sonic game slated for the 32-bit Saturn, has been delayed until next year for unknown reasons. Sonic Blast is now coming out for the Saturn and will have many added features not found in the Genesis version including: a polygonal Sonic, 2 special bonus rounds, special climate effects (as in Nights), a 16 million color palette, CD quality (redbook) music and sound effects, and a CG opening movie. Sonic Blast for the Saturn will be out on November 21.

August 22, 1996

NiGHTS to Outsell VF2

Next Gen Online reported, yesterday, that Sega has stated that they expect NiGHTS to outsell VF2, which is currently the Saturn’s best seller. For more on this story, go to Next Generation Online

August 21, 1996

NiGHTS in Stores

NiGHTS will start arriving in stores nationwide, today, August 21, 1996.

Sega of Japan Bans Nudity

Japanese game maker Sega Enterprises Ltd. said Wednesday it had decided to ban the use of software depicting sexually explicit and excessively violent scenes for its television game machines.

Sega spokesman Munehiro Umemura said the company would eliminate its adult-category games, including sexually explicit graphics, and impose stricter standards for games recommended for those over 18 years old from October.

Sonic Series for Saturn

All the sonic games are to be released on one disc for the Saturn. It will be called Sonic Series.

information from Paul O’Keeffe

August 20, 1996

Sega Ships NiGHTS

Sega of America Inc. Tuesday shipped to 20,000 stores nationwide its critically acclaimed 3-D flight-action title “NiGHTS,” a ground- breaking new Sega Saturn game featuring panoramic graphics and 360- degree flight.

Currently topping the video-game charts and pushing Mario 64 out of the top-10 list in Japan, Sonic Team’s “NiGHTS” is proving to be the most sought-after next-generation video game.

August 17, 1996

New Game by Warp

Warp has announced a new title for the Saturn in Japan, tentatively called ‘Real Sound’.

from Game Fan Online

August 16, 1996

Sega’s Gamer’s Day

Some of the bigger titles shown today by Sega’s Third Parties: Mech Warrior 2, Tomb Raider, Crimewave, Die Hard, Doom, Hexen, Hardcore 4X4, Waterworld Abuse, Tempest, and Soviet Strike.

from Next Generation Online

August 15, 1996

Resident Evil 2 Announced for Saturn

Resident Evil 2 has been announced for the Sega Saturn by Capcom. Capcom will also be making a Saturn Exclusive game that will be announced in October.
from EGS.

Sega Kicks off Ad Campaign at Six Flags

Sega of America Inc. Thursday began a multi-tiered, national in-park promotion with Six Flags Theme Parks to premiere its revolutionary 3-D flight-action title, “NiGHTS,” its new groundbreaking Sega Saturn game which will be available later this month.

“Six Flags is the perfect location to unveil this awesome new game to our target market,” Ted Hoff, executive vice president, sales and marketing for Sega of America, said. “`NiGHTS’ is a video game `tour de force’ based on flying and dreaming. Six Flags patrons will appreciate the thrill and adventure in this remarkable new game, as much as they like the rides at the park.”

Sega of Japan’s 4th Qtr Lineup


  • Ayer’s Adventure – RPG
  • Worldwide Soccer ’97 – Sports
  • Riglord Saga 2 – Strategy/RPG


  • Virtua Cop 2
  • Daytona USA Remix – Arcade
  • World Series Baseball 2 – Sports


  • Terrafantastica – Strategy/RPG
  • Sega Ages: Outrun – Arcade
  • Virtual On – Arcade

’96 Unspecified

  • Shining the Holy Ark – RPG
  • Act Remix – Action/Strategy
  • Sega Ages: Fantasy Zone – Shooting

from Game Fan Online

Sega’s Gamer’s Day

The following Titles will be showcased today:

  • Worldwide Soccer 97
  • World Series Baseball 2
  • Sonic Extreme (one playable level)
  • Virtual On
  • The Netlink (web browser only)
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