Genre 3-D Flight/Adventure Publisher Sega Developer Sonic Team
Players 1-2 Difficulty Medium Released 8-21-96
NetLink n/a Miscellaneous Analog Controller Rating 9.5/10




Immerse yourself in an uparalledled 3D flying experience. NiGHTS delivers a truly amazing virtual world of dreams – filled with unvelievable real-time effects, fantastic creatures and nightmarish monsters. A masterful showcase of Sega Saturn’s raging processing power. Face you worst nightmares in a stunning world of 3D gameplay. Dozens of camera angles, never-seen-before effects and 3D positional sound. Developed exclusively for Sega Saturn by the creators of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’.
For a complete NiGHTS strategy guide Click Here.

  • By DaveZ
  • By Levi Buchanan
  • By Rick Florey
  • By Alex Tomic
  • By Emmsys
  • By Colin Wahlert
  • By Bob
  • By Pascal “Saturnman” Vellet
  • By Vance Palodichuk
  • By Andrew Hernandez
  • By John Yeman
  • By Tristan Vance
  • By Sean Michaels
  • By Ulysses Ang
  • By Yvette McLean
  • By J.M. Vargas
  • By Dyne
  • By Wicked Mat
  • By Jon Okulicz
  • By John Hokanson Jr.
  • By Chan Soen Mun David
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