NBA Jam Extreme


Smiley Team from Andre
Enter name: MJT,MARCH,22 now you can play as smiley team

All-Star Teams from Ted Reinhardt

All star east (team 1) LMH 6/28
                  (team 2) EST 3/14

           west (team 1) WST 7/12
                   (team 2) RMC 4/21

More Codes from Ted Reinhardt
At the initials screen type in LAN 9/10. This is the super sports team.
Members include:
Bob Lanier
Rebecca Lobo
Cheryl Swoopes
Carol Blazekowski (Blaze from NBA Jam T.E.)
George (Ice man ) Gervin
and Air Nick? (some little kid)

Big Feet from SKIALT2001
At the Big Head screen, hold left on the d-pad when you select Yes or No.

3X power from SKIALT2001
Before tip-off, hit:tt,pp,tt,pp,tt,pp,tt,pp,tt

Invisible Team from Ted Reinhardt
Monkey Boy PJP 11/2

Play with PENCIL from Nathan Green
Before tip-off enter either turbo or extreme twice,pass,pass,turbo, extreme,turbo,pass,pass.


New codes – All of the following codes are from Tim Dog

To play as the players highlighted in red below, at the “Tonight’s Matchup” screen (or the screen where you enter your initials),enter the corresponding passwords:

Sculptured Software Password:

2) Dave Ross: DJR 6/8 dunk/block/rebound/cl.
3) Jeff Peters: JBP 5/17 power/3pt/steal
4) Daren Smith: DRS 4/10 3pt/speed/dunk
5) Mike Callahan: MWC 5/1 block/rebound
6) The TinMan: TIM 1/24 3pt/dunk/block


1) Mark Ganus: MMG 9/16 6′ 2″ 180 dunk/3pt/reb/stl
2) Roy Wilkins: RNW 9/15 6′ 5″ 240 3pt/reb/layup
3) Rob Dautel: RAD 3/19 6′ 3″ 180 3pt/dunk/blk
4) James Hebdon: JPH 4/26 6′ 1″ 170 3pt/stl/reb/layup
5) Dean Morrell: DSM 5/9 7″ 6″ 350 3pt/dunk/speed/blk
6) Mike Peery: MJP 5/26 5′ 9″ 175 steal/speed/dunk

Squid Team

1) Melissa Pardike: MAP 3/26
2) Jane Bradley: JLB 5/23
3) Jonathan Dansie: JWD 8/2
4) Lee Phung: LEE 1/1
5) Jason Greenberg: JAY 4/18 3pt/speed
6) Chris Hawkes: CDH 2/21 6′ 2″ 205 power/dunk

Acclaim Passwords

1) Mark Shafer (“Chaos”): XTL 5/2
2) Bob Davidson (“Striker”): RAD 10/18
3) XX Fumongous: GUN 1/11
4) Geoff Higgins (“Clouseau”): GCH 4/13
5) Air Dog: SAM 1/21
6) Ice Princess: MDK 12/24

Celebrity Team Passwords

1) Junior Seau: JR 6/1
2) John Elway: WAY 9/30
3) Frank Thomas: BIG 12/6
4) Marv Albert: MRV 12/31
5) Newt Gingrich: NEW 8/12
6) XX Samoa: TVH 6/6

Special Sports Team Passwords

1) Cheryl Swoopes: SWO 1/1
2) Rebecca Lobo: LOB 7/4
3) Carol Blazejowski (“Blaze”): BLZ 3/1
4) Bob Lanier: LAN 9/10
5) Air Nick: ARN 5/18
6) George Gervin: ICE 4/27

Misfit Passwords

1) XX Stinger: MSS 10/26
2) XX Shamrock: JHG 8/26
3) Diamond Dave: DJP 6/29
4) Chris Slate (“Hacker”): JCS 12/8
5) Todd Mowatt (“Cowboy”): TVC 10/3
6) Richard Szeto (“Richito”): RTS 2/25

Happy Team

1) Pirate Bill: SAL 2/2
2) Mr. Happy: MJT 3/22
3) Dufus the Clown: GRR 6/19
4) Three Feet Under: TOD 4/17
5) Mr. Unhappy: GEM 11/3
6) Ooohh: JLH 1/26

Invisible Team

1) Who: WHO 1/1
2) Brained: BCS 1/7
3) Monkey boy: PJP 11/2
4) Howie: BCE 7/10
5) Jim Jung: JKJ 12/13
6) Huh: CBR 6/25

To get the following teams, enter the password of the first player listed:

Rookie 1

1) Jason Caffey: SCT 11/14
2) Randolph Childress
3) Kevin Garnett
4) Alan Henderson
5) Antonio McDyess
6) Shawn Respert

Rookie 2

1) Jerry Stackhouse: BAP 8/11
2) Gary Trent
3) Corliss Williamson
4) Damon Stoudamire
5) Rasheed Wallace
6) Antonio McDyess

All Star East 1

1) Vin Baker: LMH 6/28
2) Terrell Brandon
3) Patrick Ewing
4) Penny Hardaway
5) Grant Hill
6) Juwan Howard

All Star East 2

1) Reggie Miller: EST 3/14
2) Alonzo Mourning
3) Scottie Pippen
4) Glen Rice
5) Juwan Howard
6) Patrick Ewing

All Star West 1

1) Clyde Drexler: WST 7/12
2) Sean Elliott
3) Shawn Kemp
4) Jason Kidd
5) Karl Malone
6) John Stockton

All Star West 2

1) Dikembe Mutombo: RMC 4/21
2) Hakeem Olajuwon
3) Gary Payton
4) Mitch Richmond
5) David Robinson
6) John Stockton


God Codes (access to all teams): YME 5/17

Dribble demo (a joystick code sends the guy with the ball into a fancy dribble sequence): During the game, tap PASS /TURBO / EXTREME on the same frame

Dribble under feet: double tap TURBO

Dribble behind back: double tap EXTREME

Big feet: Hold joystick L or R exiting

Big head: Select screen

Head-er-oids (four-player hidden mini-game, during four-player game only): Hold all four joysticks up + EXTREME while exiting SELECT screen

Marshmallow treats: Hold any/all joysticks up at end of TITLE sequence before the screen dims Random Team Select: On team select screen, press UP and TURBO at same time Random Player Select: after RANDOM TEAM SELECT, press UP and TURBO again Stealth stats ( not printed for each player): On TEAM SELECT screen LEFT + EXTREME to turn on/off Prints screen of text that looks like code (used to fool player): Hold down any START button on power-up


The following codes can be entered by holding down the appropriate button before the VS screen (start holding the button(s) on the SELECT SCREEN and continue through VS screen).

Once you’re on the VS screen, either a joystick combo and/or releasing the button will queue the code. If the code is correctlyentered, a player’s mug shot and a sound effect will pop up through the bottom of the screen (a different head comes up for each of the codes below):

Shot percentage displayed on screen: Hold EXTREME and SHOOT…release on VS screen Permanent turbo: Hold TURBO and move joystick U/D/U/D on VS screen before releasing it Invisible turbo meters: Hold TURBO & EXTREME and move joystick U/D/U/D before releasing Turn the crowd (all of it) off and play on court only: Hold EXTREME/ PASS and UP on the joystick….release on VS


The following codes can be entered just before the tip-OFF (in the time it takes the REF to walk out and throw up the ball).One code entered by a player affects all players. On multiple button press codes, if the button is pressed too many times,disallow it. Text should appear somewhere on the screen letting the players know which codes they have entered (especially if four players choose four different codes):

Max Rebound (max out the rebound stat for every player): Press PASS / PASS / EXTREME / SPECIAL / EXTREME /TURBO

Computer assistance off: Press EXTREME / TURBO / PASS / PASS, flash text, “COMPUTER ASSISTANCE OFF”
Beach ball mode (ball 3X normal size w/ beach ball texture, and flies at 1/2 normal vel.): Press PASS/PASS/TURBO/EXTREME/TURBO/PASS/PASS, then ball changes at tip-off
Soccer texture for ball: Press PASS/PASS/TURBO/TURBO/EXTREME/EXTREME/ EXTREME; ball changes to soccerball at tip-off
Quick Hands (maxes out the steal/block stat of the player): Press PASS /PASS / PASS /TURBO / TURBO / TURBO /EXTREME / EXTREME / EXTREME / PASS / PASS / PASS
Max three point (maxes the three point statistics of the player): Press PASS X8 / EXTREME / PASS X7
Legal Goaltending (makes goaltending legal — whether smokin’ or not): Press EXTREME X8 / PASS / EXTREME X9
Super Rainbow Shot (all shots arc higher in the air than normal): Press TURBO X5 / PASS / PASS / TURBO X6
Power Push (pushes a player 3X normal distance on floor): Press TURBO X2/PASS X2/TURBO X2/PASS X2/TURBO X2/PASS X2/TURBO X2
Maximum speed statistics: Press EXTREME X10 / PASS X3

The following should be entered on the KEEP RECORD screen. Input them by selecting the first two letters of the code and then backspacing twice, then inputting the next two letters, backspacing twice, etc., until the code is entered, then an audio cue and flash will be generated. After this the player can then enter his appropriate record as normal.

Start at playoffs: Input PL AY OF FS
Start at finals: Input FI NA LS
Start with 2 games won at playoffs: Input CH EE SY
Start with 3 games won at finals: Input NO VI CE
Shootout (sends you to the shootout for 45 seconds before the start of the game): Input SH OO TO UT
Players get ability to go to sound test and play music/sounds: Input KA ZO O
1/2 size players with Big heads: On Big head select screen, select the joystick combo U/D/L/R/D/U + YES

Unstoppable Tip from Butch, Marie or Jon Wood
When you are unstoppable you can dunk from anywhere and if you dunk from the three-point line it counts three points.

All Secret Teams from Jonathan Wood
On the initials prompt appears put JBP May 17 and all 17 secret teams are avalable.

Get Rid of Pics from NoPHD
Hold Down and R to make pics go away

Clear Attributes from NoPHD

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