Welcome to the Hardware section of this site. In this section, you will find the information on SEGA’s hardware for the Sega Saturn. That includes the NetLink, joysticks, and other peripherals from first and third party developers. Also included is the tech specs for Sega’s arcade hardware.

What’s it like on Saturn? Unbelievable graphics, the sharpest video yet, so many more colors, incredible 3-D synthetic worlds and remarkably clear audio…


Sega Saturn is the next level taken to a new universe. It is a display of technological prowess unequaled in performance. It is a mastery of both mind and matter. It is a combination of rare talent and dogged determination to produce the ultimate game machine. It is …well, it’s a lot of things. But, hey, you get the idea. This isn’t exactly a box of bolts. It’s a vehicle that will propel you to another world.


Sega Saturn’s massive parallel processing power creates the fastest, most explosive graphics and game play on the planet. Three 32-bit RISC processors, a CD ROM drive and two powerful video processor ASICs deliver blazing video performance – including 16 million colors and stunning 3-D graphics. And Sega Saturn plays games and audio CDs in full digital sound and Surround Sound.


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