New Games Released in Japan


A whopping nine new games have been recently released for the Sega Saturn in Japan and are currently available for import in the United States. These games include Bubble Symphony, Blue Breaker, Grandread, Nanatsu Kaze, Next King Ltd, Refrain Love, Sega Ages Memorial, Sega Touring Car and Vandel Hearts.

Bubble Symphony is an excellent arcade to Saturn conversion of the popular Taito arcade game. Blue Breaker is an RPG that is a 1:1 port of the same game originally released on the NEC PC-FX a year ago. Grandread is an epic space opera similar to V-Force, Refrain Love is a dating sim, Sega Ages Memorial is the latest in the Sega Ages series and it comes with some obscure and very old arcade games, Sega Touring Car is the Japanese version of the racer already out in the U.S and Europe, and Vandel Hearts is the Sega Saturn version of the Konami strategy/rpg previously released for the Sony PlayStation.

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