ID4: The Game


Cheat Menu from Chris
In the options menu, go to “player name”. On there, put name either “Go Postal” for something, “Fox Rox” for something else, “Godzilla” for somthing better, or “Tourist” for something stupid. Which ever one you use, go to the Start Game Multiplayer, and options screen. As soon as you see the flag on the moon movie, quickly type Left, Right, Up, Down, x, z, y. You’ll be transported to a cheat menu.

Plane Select from Chris
At player name screen type Mr Happy. At the main menu quickly press left, right, up, down, x,z,y.

Watch Credits from Gary M. Albers
Go to “player name” in the options menu. Then, put your name in as “Credits”. Go to EXIT, and watch the credits roll by.

All cheats cheat from Chris
At name screen, put in “dab dab” (don’t put in the quotation though). now exit. now at the menu, press quickly: left, right, up, down, X, Z, Y

Another Every Code Cheat from Brady
Put radarmy as your name then go to main menu and put in left, right, up, down, x, z, y and you get every single code in the game

Cool Effect from Michael Novick
At the end of each level when you have to destroy the ship, fire at it, right when it starts to explode and you see fire, pause the game and press the L and R buttons so that the fire disappears and re-appears again to make a really cool effect.

Invinciblity from Brady
Put “LIVE FREE” as name then at main menu push left, right, up, down, X,Z,Y (no damage, no effect from tumblers or blinders)

Looping from Brady
To do a flip hold airbrakes and pull up untill you do a complete flip

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Johnny Bazookatone

Stage codes 2nd Stage – Walker 3rd Stage – Overtime 4th Stage – Villa 5th Stage – Endboss Infinite Lives Enter the word taehc. Your life counter will say 24, but will never decrease. Level Skip To skip past the current level, pause the game and press X.