Alien Trilogy


On Level Password Screen Enter

“F1LLMYPOCK1TS” – Unlimited Ammo

“FLYT0XX” – Jump to Level (Note: the 0 is a zero, and the XX represent the level number ex: “FLYT030”

The password for unlimited everything on the PlayStation is “1G0TP1NK8C1DB00TS0N” but I have no idea what it is for the Saturn and would really appreciate any help.

Full Weapons from Justin Soderbeck
At Password type in “F1SH1NGFORGVNS” that code is for all of the guns immediately!

More Cheats from Craig Cummings
FVNKYG1BB0N – Gives you invincibility
F1SHINGF0RGVNS – Gives you all the weapons
(Note the V instead of U and 1 instead of I)

Infinity Ammo from Little “D”
At the enter password enter “FILLMYPOCK1TS”

Level Skip from DrkAngyl
Go to the password screen and enter the password “FLYTO” followed by a number from 0-34. Highlight “accept” and press A. The words “cheats activated” will be displayed. Now quit to the title screen and choose “press start button” to start at the level you choose. If you enter the password “FLYTO35” you will see the video game sequence from the end of the game

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Secret Mode & Level Select from Matt Penrose First, enter the options screen. On the second controller, press LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, L BUTTON, R BUTTON, START. “Secret Mode” should appear at the top of the screen. Exit back to the title screen, and press UP, DOWN, LEFT, […]