Genre FMV/Adventure Publisher Atlus Developer Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
Players 1 Difficulty Medium Released 3-26-97
NetLink n/a Miscellaneous n/a Rating n/a



There exists a legendary city where your every wish is granted. But wishes have a price. Those who have walked into the magical city wear a special mark upon their foreheads — and have no memory of who they once were. The gateway to this mysterious realm lies in your hometown, the City of Mists. You too wear the mark of a wishmaker. Your past is a blur but your future is set. Lord Gordon, ruler of the City of Mists has ordered you to once again find the entrance to the legendary city, or be killed. Once you return, you must discover how to keep the magical realm from destroying itself and your homeland as you try to regain your most precious possessions — your memories.

  • Discover eerie supernatural worlds of excitement in this 2 CD adventure!
  • Impressive ray traced graphics add incredible levels of detail!
  • Intriguing puzzles that will challenge your skills as a gamer!
  • Video sequences seemlessly spliced into the action that takes you deeper into the game!


  • By Michael Bartel
  • By Rodney G. Desjarlais
  • By Jon Okulicz
  • By Bassura
  • By Justin Fletcher
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