Ante up to Crystal Dynamics’ fastest, endorphin-based 3D action pand. Your team of fellow speed-mongers includes Nikki, Fargus and Sid – an acrobatic wizard, a slightly twisted jester and his maniacal puppet-on-a-stick. Blur through unbelievably spacious, 3D levels of their deranged kingdom while shape-changing into a fireblasting dragon or raging rhino. Our Freestyle 3D camera cranks out the ultimate blend of brilliant visuals and knock-out perspectives. So just sit down and get taken for a ride, it’s pure rocket fuel.

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As an armed forces specialist, you have trained for all forms of enemy contact. Nothing, however, can prepare you for the modern-day nightmare you are about to enter. The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak has been sealed off by enemy forces. No military action has yet been successful in penetrating […]