XRGB-1 Review By RKeefe

Strike Pad

The Strike Pad from nYko Technologies is a replacement controller for your Sega Saturn. It features the original factory design layout, six front fire buttons, tip mounted L & R buttons, an eight way directional pad and a 6 foot cord. It carries a suggested retail price of $17.99. RATING: C+ – a ton of features, excellent design, and is the best of its kind.


Strike Pad Review by Dave Z (on Eidolon)

Cobra Light Gun

Compatible for use with both the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation, auto bullet reload with programmable number of bullets from 1-15. It has variable speed rapid fire, rapid fire + auto bullet reload combination, a red LED shooting effect on both sides during play and a single cable with dual end plug that simplifies hookup to both systems. It has a suggested retail price of #39.99. RATING: A – a ton of features, excellent design, and is the best of its kind.


Cobra Light Gun Review by Dave Z (on Eidolon)

Virtual Gun

Machine Gun fire power! Most Advanced technology! Don’t settle for less. The Virtual Gun out guns the competition with features such as the Machine Gun mode that combines auto-fire and auto-reloading. Three speeds of autofire or single fire action. Auto-reload up to 15 shots or reload manually. Manual reload button. Special button for launching other game weapons and an exciting LED shooting effect! RATING: A – a ton of features, excellent design, and is the best of its kind.


Virtual Gun Review by Dave Z (on Eidolon)

Psychopad JR Gamepad
Unleash HYPER programmable mayhem in your favorite fighting and action games. With HYPER programmable 10 in 1 technology, Psychopad JR delivers up to 10 moves with a push of a button. Check out these features: 12 HYPER Programmable buttons, 4 user defined macros, game default setting, pause and continuos motion control and stay in play programmability. RATING: B+ – nice ergonomic design, programmable buttons a plus for beginners, very responsive d-pad and buttons.


Psychopad Jr Review by Dave Z (on Eidolon)

GunZ Action Arcade Shooter
Itchy trigger finger leave you with an empty clip as you face an army of gun-toting maniacs? Time to get out your GunZ!. Take aim with GunZ Arcade Action shooter, the only light gun with Automatic ammo reload after 5, 10, 15 rounds. Fire at will in all your favorite Saturn shooting games. RATING: A – excellent gun, nice design and comfortable feel, auto reload can be helpful.


GunZ Review by Dave Z (on Eidolon)

Stunner Arcade Gun
Custom Stunner Arcade Gun with revolutionary technology and single action trigger lets you aim, shoot and reload with maximum speed. The real look and feel of the arcade shooter lets you bring the serious action home. Works with Virtua Cop, Virtua Cop 2, Area 51 and other Saturn shooting games. RATING: A – excellent gun, must have for anyone who owns any gun shooting game.


NetLink Mouse
Add Point-And-Click functionality to your Sega Saturn NetLink system. The Ultimate in control. Four buttons replicate Start, A, B, & C controller functions. For smooth, point-and-click Internet surfing with NetLink just plug it into your Sega Saturn controller port. RATING: B+ – must have for all NetLink owners.


3D Control Pad
Precision-engineered to intensify the 3D-Gaming experience, the Sega Saturn 3D Control Pad delivers the ultimate in smooth and dynamic control. A revolutionary analog thumb pad reacts to your every impulse and brings you the new standard in game control. Specifically engineered to intensify the NiGHTS gaming experience. Ergonomic design provides optimum control. Pulse-sensitive analog thumb pad enables precise movements at breathtaking speeds. Additional standard directional pad allows compatibility with most Saturn games. RATING: A – The pad fits perfectly in one’s hands and the transition from d-pad to analog pad are seamless. Improves gameplay in numerous Saturn games including NiGHTS, Sega Rally, Daytona and Dark Savior.


3D Control Pad Review by Andrew Hernandez

6Player Multitap
Up to 6 people can compete in one game at the same time with this great 6Player adapter. It’s compatible with all Sega Sports multiplayer games for Sega Saturn, and some games even support two 6Players, so as many as 12 people can play at once! It’s guaranteed to draw a crowd. RATING: C – Must have for fans of multiplayer sports games, otherwise it’s not much use.


Arcade Racer
Analog technology provides real arcade steering and true-to-life driving moves with this great control unit. Arcade Racer features all 6 standard action buttons, plus 2 shift keys for extra control. It’s compatible with Daytona USA, Cyber Speedway, Sega Rally, Daytona USA CCE and a slew of Sega Saturn games to come. RATING: D+ – The wheel is too loose and doesn’t offer enough resistance for it to be a must own peripheral.


Arcade Racer Review by Joe Boerner

Backup RAM
The Sega Saturn Backup is a must-have for your favorite sports, role playing and adventure games because it allows you to jump back into the action right where you left off. It’s compatible with all games for Sega Saturn that have a save option, and provides 512 Kbytes of backup RAM. RATING: A – This is a must have for anyone who owns a Sega Saturn, it is fairly reliable and well worth the price.



Control Pad (Original US)
With 8 buttons (6 standard action buttons plus new Left and Right shift buttons) you’ve got your fingers on the pulse of Sega Saturn. The Control Pad is compatible with all Sega Saturn games, and its revolutionary ergonomic design allows for hours of comfortable gameplay. RATING: C – A good pad, does well with fighting games, but the d-pad and shutter buttons are questionable.


Control Pad Review by Andrew Hernandez
Virtua Stick
Virtua Stick is the only stick that is compatible with all Sega Saturn games, and everyone who has VIrtua Fighter or Virtua Fighter 2 will demand it. With smooth operation, 8 buttons and rapid fire, Virtua Stick helps gamers go to the next level with the polished precision of the best arcade players. RATING: C+ – Decent arcade stick, although not highly recommended.

Analog Mission Stick
The Mission Stick is the ultimate control for flying or shooting games. With analog technology, x, y, and z axis, 8 action buttons and 2 Left and Right shift buttons, it works wonders with compatible Sega Saturn games–including Panzer Dragoon, Black Fire and others. The Mission Stick’s revolutionary patented design allows players to flip it over and change the stick position to either the left or right side of the base, making it a perfectly designed controller for either left or right-handed players! So get on the stick! RATING: B- – If a fan of flight sims, this is a must get stick.



RF Unit
Want to connect Sega Saturn to older TV’s without RCA Audio/Video input jacks? Just attach this RF Unit with a couple screws and you can plug right into the action. RATING: * – If you have a TV that needs this, well it is a must buy.

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