NHL All-Star Hockey 98



Take the ice for another NHL® Season of no-holds-barred, say-good-bye-to-your-front-teeth NHL® action. Unmatched player intelligence coupled with Motion-Capture technology delivers the ultimate in down-to-the-ice-realism. Strap It Up!

  • Superb New Engine & Unsurpassed Gameplay
  • Updated Stats from ’96/’97 NHL® Season
  • All 26 NHL® Teams and Over 650 NHL® Players
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Unmatched Player Intelligence
  • Call Your Own Plays
  • Motion-Capture Technology delivers down-to-the-ice realism
  • Exclusive Stat Tracking
  • Cool Animations (Body Checks, glove saves, deflections, hooking, dump-ins, etc.)
  • Coaching Options (Attack, Defend, Powerplay, etc.)
  • Play with up to 8 players
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