Arcade Racer


Review by: Joe Boerner

I bought the Arcade Racer for $80 plus tax in the month of June ’96. One of the reasons I bought it, because High Velocity was extremely hard on Heats 5 and 6. Then, I had no problem beating the computer (After practicing a lot on the Time Trial mode and lower Heats.) and now I’m satisfied with my purchase, plus the Arcade Racer adds more realism to your racing games. (Minus the foot pedals and gear shift that are in the arcades.) The AR has adjustable height and tilt. The X, Y, Z buttons are on the left side of the wheel and the A, B, C buttons are on the right side of the wheel. Underneath the wheel, you get two flippers (L & R buttons) for shifting gears. I am reviewing 7 games that I have used with this accessory.

F1 Challenge:
I used the Arcade Racer with this game and it has the same loose feeling like the control pad. Using the Arcade Racer, the game is very forgiving and it feels realistic! So far, this is the best racer with playability, with the control pad and Arcade Racer, in my opinion at least.
Compatibility Score: 9.5

Daytona USA CCE:
I personally prefer the AR over the control pad. Why? It adds more realism and very forgiving, as opposed to the control pad. I’m currently using the Balance car and the AR works great! I don’t skid on turns and rarely hit the side of the track, unless I’m going too fast. If I use the Phoenix on Three Seven Speedway, I’ll be going 200+mph and I’ll start to fish tail on the second turn (Before the slot machine signs.) even if I slow down to 190-mph. Basically, some cars are harder to master than others.
Compatibility Score: 9.5

High Velocity:
Maybe I should’ve given it a 10. This game is made for the Arcade Racer. As opposed to the control pad, with the AR, you can go 120+mph to 130+mph through the turns, while drifting! Plus, you will be able to beat the computer on Heats 5, Heats 6, and get the Porsche.
Compatibility Score: 9.5

Daytona USA:
The game responds excellent, but I had a tendency to oversteer since High Velocity was really tight with the AR. The AR is sensative with this game. You will see and feel the difference in tightness between High Velocity and Daytona USA.
Compatibility Score: 8.0

Sega Rally Championship:
The only difference between the Arcade Racer and control pad, is the steering wheel. You do the same as you did with the control pad, except it feels realistic going from one side to the other with the AR. It will take a little bit of adjusting if you are use to playing this game with the control pad. Once you do adjust to the AR, you will be having fun in no time! The AR works great with this game!
Compatibility Score: 9.0

I have to say that, Wipeout works great with the AR! Like Sega Rally, you will need to adjust to the AR, if you are use to the control pad. For the flippers, you will use those to put the hovercraft’s nose up or down. (Depending on how you will configure the AR button placements.) Plus, even with this game, it feels more realistic.
Compatibility Score: 9.0

Need For Speed:
The AR is very good with this game, but not better than Daytona USA. If you are going fast, it won’t respond as quickly as you like it to. The AR takes at least, a second or two, to manuever away from vehicles, to turn or switching lanes. You will notice this, when your car is in the high 100+mph.
Compatibility Score: 7.5

The Arcade Racer is a worthy purchase. For all of the racing gamers, buy this accessory to add more realism to your racing games. You will use this accessory over the control pad.
Overall Score: 9.0

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