MegaMan 8


Good Order for Finishing the Robots from Estlor
Crab: Use the Mega Ball to open him up and then shoot away
Frost Man – He is pretty easy with a solid Mega Buster front
Tengu Man – Tengu Man can be frozen to the ground with the Ice Wave, making him a sitting duck.
Clown Man – When he gets on his trapeze, use the Tornado Hold to knock him off and temporarily stun him.
Grenade Man – The Thunder Claw makes short work of him
Cutman – Flash Grenades. ‘Nuff said.
Duo – A combined front of Flash Grenades and Mega Buster is a good start
Astro Man – The Flash Grenades work well, but you’d better dodge well
Aqua Man – The Astro Smash hits from anywhere on the screen and will almost completely destroy him.
Sword Man – Water Balloons will work well, and they stun him if you use them to knock him out of the fire whirlwind (if you time it right, he may never move again).
Woodman – The flame sword will pass right through his shield
Search Man – The flame sword is a great close-range weapon and will cut through his bushes. Just don’t let him get a lock on you.
Mid-Stage Bosses – Until you get the Flash Grenades, combine the Mega Ball and Mega Buster. Flash Grenades should replace this combo until you get the Astro Smash, which is the mother of all boss killers

Perfect Order for Finishing MM8 from WQX
Grenade man-Thunder claw makes him easily defeated.

Tengu-man-When he flys towards you and then he stand on the ground,make him stick to the ground with an Ice Wave then hit him with a Flash bomb since he can’t move.

Frost-man-If uses ice-wave against you,use a Flash Bomb and it will not only exuasht him,it would protect you from his Ice wave. Then let him have a taste of being bomb with another Flash Bomb.

Clown man-When he wanted to swing to wards you,use a Tornado Hold on him and he would flew up like a Super-man and land on to the ground felling giddy. So use a flash bomb on him.

Aqua man-Use Astro Crush anytime on the screen,and Aqua-man would receive a lot of damage. You can also destroy his water with it.

Astro man-Use Homing Sniper anytime and it will nail his two balls(the ones that twirls around him).This would interrupt him from using Astro Crush on you. It will not destroy his two balls but it would damage him greatly if your Homing missiles aims him.

Sword man-When Sword man is protecting himself with his Fire Wall,use Water Balloons on him and he would dry up. Use a Flash Bomb if u want to since he won’t move except standing there for awhile.

Search man-Get your Flame Sword ready when fighting this one. He would come down on the screen with 3 bushes. In one of this 3 bushes,one of them is him. Bum up the bushes with your flame sword. If what you have hit was correct,Search man would come out burned. You can also destroys his annoying darts that bounce from wall to wall around the screen around the screen.

The first boss of Willy’s base-Use Rock balls.

The second boss of Willy’s base-When this boss opens up it’s wings(those pointing up and down),use Astro Crush and it would damage this boss real good.

The third boss of Willy’s base-Get the special ability that shoots laser out at your base(the place where you exchange screw drivers for special abilities etc.)and shoot it at the eye. It would expose the eye completely and use Thunder claw on the eye for big damage.

Willy-Use Flash Bomb on the eyes. If a cannon pops out of the mouth,use another Flash bomb on it. You can destroy Willy easily with it. When Willy came out of his machine when you won the first match,use Flash bomb on it again. I think Flame sword helps too.

Animation Test from Chris
Hold the L and R shifts and then press start at the sound test, you’ll now have all of the animation including the ending.

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