Save Eternal Champions!


I recently recieved a disturbing E-Mail from Red Ronin. He told me a well informed source relayed to him that Eternal Champions: The Final Chapter may again be in danger of cancellation. Something like this isn’t to be taken lightly. So I’m asking that anyone who has ever played EC, likes fighting games, enjoys incredible storylines, has an interest in seeing video games progress, or visited my site to please drop a line to Sega of America, post a note on the Sega Saturn Threads, or send me E-Mail and I’ll see it gets put in the right hands. Until we learn of the fate of Eternal Champions the Morphing EC will be offline. But for now see what other fans have to say in favor of bringing out the game of games Eternal Champions: The Final Chapter.

Eternal Champions Fans Take Heed!


My dear friends, I have received word from a VERY reliable source that a Saturn release of Eternal Champions is hanging on the precipice of doom once more. It seems that the third and final installment of my favorite fighting game series may be shelved for all time before its completion. For whatever reason those in charge at Sega have not recognized that this game series has many eager followers who have waited, albeit impatiently, for a release that would put to shame all others in the fighting game genre.

There may be those of you out there who have not played Eternal Champions or its first sequel EC: Challenge from the Dark Side. Some of you may not have been as impressed with either the games or the potential that they promise for story development. Please, please, please overlook your prejudice for a moment and realize that SEGA, the company responsible for Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers, has an opportunity to create a game of higher quality directly for the home console, rather than attempting a translation from arcade titles. This game, if completed will use all the technological power of the Saturn and overwhelm any doubters as to the Saturn’s capabilities. A landmark title such as this will further solidify Sega’s hold of market share in the gaming industry and restore faith in the company and the Saturn as a viable console.

Sega has the resources necessary to complete Eternal Champions: The Final Chapter if they wish. Mike Latham is a brilliant man with an extreme sense of vision when it comes to scripting storylines, background stories and scenarios. I believe that Sega MUST rise to the challenge offered by the pursuit of the goals Eternal Champions will set for their flagship gaming console, the Saturn.

I ask with the deepest part of my heart that ALL who read this make posts to this forum requesting that Eternal Champions be completed in its entirety and released for public consumption. Please write to Sega ( and tell them that you want to see the best from your Saturn in exclusive games made directly for the home user. Please let Sega know that if they are willing to stand behind their own creation and make it all it can be that we will stand behind Sega and give them all our support.

Thank you.
Red Ronin, The Cybernetic Samurai

Bring Out Eternal Champions!


The title of my post is the same as one I made back in October. After hearing about its imminent release from Sega Reps and its corresponding TV and Comic Book releases and then after the EC crew themselves talked to us about what was going to be in the Saturn version I never thought I’d have to write another message entitled “Bring Out Eternal Champions”. But as the times change so do the reasons to bring out the game. And luckily all the old reasons stand and new ones are here as well.

First of all Eternal Champions has a huge fan following. I’ve been told by knowledgable sources that the Genesis Cart was the #1 American made seller. Out of every American made game Eternal Champions was number one. On that reason alone its hard enough to not bring out a Saturn sequel. I’ve also been told that in Europe Eternal Champions is still a top seller. The game is over 2 years old and is still a top seller? How can you deny potential sales like that.Also the Sega CD version was of impeccable quality and I’m sure also garned incredible sales figures. EC:CD is arguably the best game produced for the Sega CD and at the very least is in the upper echelons of the platforms games. EC:CD, along with Sonic CD and the Lunar series, are the games that make a Sega CD purchase worthwhile. The fan following is so strong that their are sites on the Internet devoted to Eternal Champions. My own site (, Red Ronin’s (, and Emperor Cybersurfer’s ( sites all have large areas focusing solely on Eternal Champions. On those sites you can find a great number of people who have left ideas, wishes, and things to say about EC. All of them are an assured purchase of a Saturn version and that is only the smallest microcosm of people who own Saturns. Sega, you can’t ignore the huge number of sales Eternal Champions: The Final Chapter will bring in.

Secondly Eternal Champions is a game that deserves a sequel. It is a fighting game (all of which are huge sellers) of epic proportions containing numerous characters, scores of techniques to learn, and infinite fun. It is a fighting system, while not perfect, is more balanced then most of the fighters I play today. The first two games were polished up to Capcom standards and a third installment will most likely take them to the hollowed echelons of the AM2 level. Also Eternal Champions is amazing because of its focus on real moves, not humanly impossible flaming flying fists and the like. Every character is based on a real martial arts style and every move is totally real. Realism is an added bonus that I completely enjoy. After watching Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and Rumble in the Bronx my enjoyment of both EC and VF2 increased because characters in those games (MidKnight and Shun Di) use the very same fighting styles they do. This shows the passion the designers have for their work and is instilled upon you while playing the game. Past the fighting though, Eternal Champions features an incredible storyline comparable to some RPG’s. People love a good story and this feature of EC’s design sucks in anyone who has played the game and forces them to buy the sequel. You’ll also be able to appeal to RPG fans with EC because of its involving story. EC:CD featured the climax of the EC saga and not producing a sequel now is well…just wrong! Not producing EC Saturn would be comparable to not finding out what happened to Captain Picard when he became a Borg, to not knowing if Marty ever got home at the end of Back to the Future part 2, to never releasing Phantasy Star 4, and to never finding out what Luke did when he found out Darth Vader was his father. Generally its just wrong to kill something at its climax. Shouldn’t their be a law against that?

The newest argument for the release of Eternal Champions: The Final Chapter is something I’ve been asked about (and seen) recently. People want Sega to make a game, that’s not ported from the arcade, that uses all of the power of the Sega Saturn. Something designed for the home that exhibits huge amounts of power. These games are coming (Nights for example) and Eternal Champions would be the perfect pick for the fighting category. The designers are planning to use so much power that I’m not sure where its coming from. Eternal Champions for the Genesis game was a great game, the CD version multiplied its power being a huge step above the original, and the Saturn version will be an even grander step then that. What the designers did using the Genesis and Sega CD was nothing short of astonishing and what they can do with the Saturn should make everyone stop looking at the Arcade and set their sights solely on the Sega Saturn. Eternal Champions for the Genesis was such a great game it became bundled with the system because it was such a system seller. EC: FC can do the same thing for the Saturn. Doing a game like this, that hits for the Saturn first and only, will show people that Sega believes wholeheartedly in the Saturn, that new and exclusive games can be just as great and powerful at the home, and it gives people faith and trust that Sega makes the best games period. Only Sega can do a game like this, one that can appeal to so many audiences, one that is mature and dosen’t pull any punches, and one that uses the full power of the system its on without being in the arcade first. The bottom line is Eternal Champions is completely a huge step in the right direction of video gaming. Its not a game that relies on FMV, polygon power, or bad gameplay but one that relies on powerful gameplay, every processor in the system power, and a cutting edge storyline. Everything about EC is part of everything right about the next-generation of video gaming.

Bottom Line: To cancel Eternal Champions: The Final Chapter is wrong for many, many reasons. To bring out Eternal Champions: The Final Chapter is right for monetary reasons, belief reasons, and a step in the next-generation of video gaming. Eternal Champions: The Final Chapter NEEDS to come out. We’ll all be waiting for a response.

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