Get Me off This Sinking Ship


The Saturn has lost its footing. But why? There can be little argument over which system provides the most Arcade games, for Sega makes so many of them. And thank god Sony can’t buy out Capcom.

So with the best arcade games in the market, Saturn is facing a premature retirement. Why? To be honest, with the exception of a little better marketing, I have no freaking’ clue why the Saturn is halfway to the graveyard.

Some of you have commented, “the Saturn will have lasted about 4,5 years, that’s not too bad, that’s about average.” Well, you could look at it that way, but I see it as the Saturn launched at virtually the same time as the PSX, and.. uh oh, looks like the PSX will be around for at least a year or so more than the Saturn. And for a console, each year of life after the first few is quite an accomplishment.

I suggest to all you Sega fans to stop buying Saturn games, for the most part. Save your money for the next generation system, whether it be Sega or Sony (i would say Nintendo, but if you compare the polygon count to Sega and Sony’s future systems, well, they speak for themselves). The Saturn is a sinking ship, you could buy it new sails, but wouldn’t you rather have that extra $50 handy after you own the 64-bit Sega. Don’t get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Saturn as the BEST Arcade machine (not counting the Neo-Geo), but I’m not going to stick around a system that even its own creators are trying to part from.

With that, the U.S.S. Saturn has run aground, for her captain (Sega) has abandoned ship… and left her crew stranded on the island of Sony that we call North America.

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Mike “VG-Master”

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