Response: Eating Saturn Owner’s Money


have some problems with what ShowBob said about the prices of Saturn accessories. First off, I will agree with him, that some of the accessories are vital to owning a Saturn, but, what he has to say about the prices and that Sega should lower the prices of accessories, there is room for improvement.

He said that the Virtua Stick sells for $60. Sure, when it first came out, it was that price, but, I’d say that in around 75% of stores I’ve been in, they carry the Virtua Stick for $15. The best place to get the Virtua Stick for that steal of a price is at a K-Mart, where I’ve been to five or six different K-Mart’s where the Virtua Stick is $15.

I’m not really looking for the Arcade Racer, but if I did see it for $15 like I did the Virtua Stick, I’d sure as heck pick it up.

As for the RAM Cart, I think that it shows once again that a little shopping around can prove worthwhile. I went looking for a RAM Cart and I found the Memory Card Plus made by Interact for $40 at Montgomery Ward’s. It offers twice as much space as the Sega Backup RAM Cart and it’s even cheaper there now because Ward’s in my city is stopping carrying Saturn stuff.

I also don’t think that ShowBob should have said anything about buying an extra controller. Check the PlayStation an N64, both of them come with one controller like the Saturn. I’d say it’s pretty much industry standard to pack in only one controller so if you don’t want to have a second controller, don’t ever buy a two player game.

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