Review by: RKeefe

This past weekend, I picked up device called an XRGB-1. This unit takes your Saturn video signal and converts into a computer monitor signal. Simply put, you can plug your Saturn into a high resolution computer monitor and play with high intensity graphics. You basically get to see games as the developers saw them.

I can not describe the improvement but it is very significant! The colors and detail are amazing. To top this off, the unit will also do the same for your PSX and Super Nintendo Let me tell you, the Super Nintendo had a lot more stuffed into those cartridges than your TV could ever display.

The best picture came when I used S-Video cables ( the unit has a regular video input and an S-Video input). It comes with several cords to match almost any monitor setup and a power supply running at 100V (typical Asian spec.).

The down side is it is expensive. The unit runs over 200 bucks with shipping but here’s the catch. Lately, the quality and quantity of games seems to have gone down. Instead of buying 3 or 4 new games, go back to some of your old favorites and experience them again. I put on Lunar, Far East of Eden, Sonic Jam, Daytona, Terra Phantastica, and it was all new to me because of the great graphics.

Who had the unit? National Console Support on the web. I don’t know if they are sold out yet but it is going to be a hot item. WWW.NCSX.COM.

They tell me you can even plug your VCR video out into this unit. It is getting wild out there!

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