Fire ProWrestling


Review by: the Ndo

If there was ever a game that has sold me on my saturn, it would have to be Fire Pro Wrestling S.

The game is in a 2-D 3/4 perspective view. There is not a polygon to be seen. Many have played and claimed that Power Move Prowrestling for PLAYSTATION was the best wrestling game ever. I was hyped to play it also. A few weeks later I bought Fire Pro Wrestling S. WOW. Can you say like 170 characters or so. Stars from all over the world. I mean ALL OVER THE WORLD! NEW JAPAN WCW WWF AAA UFC Wrestling Fan will love THE GREAT MUTA ,STING ,REY MYSTERIO, HOLLYWOOD HULK, Outsider Kevin Nash, VADER, Chris Benoit, Andre, Flair. They are all hear . Eben if you watch occasionally you will enjoying it. Each guy have 6 different costumes ( HULK HOGAn has eighties hulk, Hollywood hulk, Rocky hulk, everything). The 35 moves per guy ( damn, they fight exactly like their real life counterparts) are easy to perform. The game has like 300 moves total in the game. You can create a wrestler and give him the move you want and design his look. I play 6 man battle royals with my friends. We love it soooo much. It hag tag team , cruiserweight ,heavy weight, six man title roads. This game is so complete. I used to play MEGAMIX all the time, now Fire Pro sits in my saturn while 35 other games just sit around. Also moves can be done with 2 or 3 guys combined, some flying over the top rope onto the floor , some off the top , in the turn bulkle. If it can be done it will be done. You can go search online for translation page so you can rename all the characters and figure out the options and what not. Check out the reviews of this game online cuz you’ll find out that it is an all time great!

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