Earthworm Jim 2


Two times the action! Two times the adventure! Two headlines are enough! Too cool for words, but here goes: Princess What’s-Her-Name has been udderly abducted by the monarch wanna-be, Psy-Crow for a one-way ride to Lost Vegas! Join Jim on his madcap chase across the galaxy as he looks for his love in all the wrong places. Saving cows, thwarting lawyers and outsmarting Psy-Crow are all in a day’s work for the super-powered worm. Are you up to the challege? Can you handle the new weapons? Excellent! Then stop reading this. Take it right up to the front counter and try it at home!

Over 7 New weapons to choose from! Guns, guns, guns, guns! 10 wickedly warped levels with all new highly rendered backgrounds! Digital audio soundtrack that’ll keep your toes tappin’ while you’re busy zappin’! Uses patented Animation II and Silicon Graphics 3D characters! Returning favorite characters; Princess Whats-Her-Name, Psy-Crow, Peter Puppy, Bob the Goldfish, and several new villians, as well! See Jim in disguise as a blind cave salamander (no, really…we’re not kidding on this one!) Passcode system allows you to rejoin the action wher you left off! Whip, run, jump, fly, and Snott swing your way to victory!

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