These commercials have long been retired, but for those of you that have been lucky enough to have seen the Segata Sanshiro television commercials that were used to promote the Sega Saturn in Japan — they will never be forgotten.

But just because you missed them when the Saturn was alive and kicking in Japan doesn’t mean that you’ve completely lost out on all the fun. As a special treat to those of you that still love and appreciate the Sega Saturn, we have for you today more movies of the now legendary Segata Sanshiro commercials.

These are a some of the most entertaining commercials you’ll ever see and if your reaction is anything like mine, you’ll likely laugh until you start feeling some aches in your sides. A true Sega hero if there ever was one — meet Segata Sanshiro!


  • Christmas (5,089 K)
  • French Cup (1,081 K)
  • Greatest Nine 98 (2,593 K)
  • House of the Dead (5,089 K)
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga (2,593 K)
  • Shining Force III (5,089 K)
  • Solo Crisis (2,593 K)
  • Sonic R (5,89 K)
  • Wachen Roder (1,081 K)

Plus, as a bonus, here’s a Segata Sanshiro MP3 that’s worth giving a listen:


  • Track 01 (3,055 K)

And to save you some time and to keep all of this together, here are the links to the previous movies that were posted on February 15, 2002:


  • Saturn Bomberman (2,189 K)
  • Burning Rangers (5,992 K)
  • Dragon Force (6,102 K)
  • RPG Soccer (4,350 K)
  • Winter Heat (5,631 K)
  • Training (5,718 K)
  • Final Commercial (4,067 K)