Sega Worldwide Soccer



Genre Sports/Soccer Publisher Sega Sports Developer Sega Sports
Players 1-4 Difficulty Adjustable Released 10-16-96
NetLink n/a Miscellaneous n/a Rating 9.0/10



Sega Worldwide Soccer ‘97 is a powerful new addition to the Sega Sports Fall Lineup. At the risk of bragging, this is the BEST PLAYING, BEST LOOKING soccer game available on ANY system!! The incredible Life-Like Graphics and polygon-based players will provide a true 3-D Soccer experience. You name it- it’s all in here: slide tackles, headers, bicycle kicks, back-heel passes, banana kicks, half-volley’s and rainbow kicks.FEATURES:


  • Revolutionary Animations!
  • 48 International Teams
  • 4 Unique Playing Views
  • Player Injuries and Suspensions
  • Stat Tracking in Over 25 Categories
  • Ultra-real, On-The-Fly Commentary
  • 360 Degree Instant Replay Viewing
  • Zoom-In, Zoom-Out Feature
  • 1-4 Players



  • By Wes Pringle
  • By Jonathan Leung
  • By RaGaines
  • By The Ndo
  • By Matt McCall
  • By Alessandro Del Piero
  • By Lagi
  • By Phil Carmalt
  • By Erkut Borazanci
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