That Shady Five Star Policy


I agree with Renn Shion, SEGA’s description of that 5-star policy is very questionable. What is SEGA thinking? I can’t imagine a worse scenario, Marketing Execs deciding which games are good. What about videogame players? I know Renn is correct when he calls SEGA of America “lazy”, just look at US Fighting Vipers- Pepsiman was just REMOVED! Why couldn’t they REPLACE him, take away the stripe, change him to purple with yellow polka dots? That would have been too much work. How about a RAM Cart OPTION? of course not. What about the bestseller Sakura Wars? No, it just wouldn’t appeal to anyone in the US. That awesome anime on the Last Bronx bonus CD? NO COMMENT! Grandia? NOT CONSIDERED YET!? WHY?? Why does it seem that SoA is run by incompetents? Possibly because it is 🙁 I must add my conspiracy theory- Bernie Stolar STILL WORKS FOR SONY! I don’t want to believe this, but it MUST be true (scapegoat!). Honestly, I think SEGA doesn’t care about games or the people that play them and this is the worst marketing idea in the entire industry!

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