Main CPU: Power PC 603e
Resolution: 496X384; 640X480
(with Z-buffer and noninterlace)
Geometry Engine: Texture Mapping
1,000,000 Texture-Mapped, Light Sourced, Anti-Aliased Polygons/Second
60,000,000 Flat Shaded Polygons/Second
24-bit Textures
Trilinear Interperolation
Shading: Gouraud, fix, flat shading
Texture/edge anti-aliasing
Parallel lights
Four spotlights
Pinpoint spotlights
Zoning fog
32 levels of Translucency
Sound: SCSP X 2 (same as used in Saturn)
16 bit CPU –68EC000
Sampling rate — 44.1 khz
64 voices, two stereo pairs MIDI interface